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by posted 09/14/2020

Good Evening Team UMAC,

  We had a great first game on Saturday and look to keep the enthusiasm going in tomorrows game! I would like to thank Robert Mills and Lindsay/Mark Gerspach for officially donning the Light blue and black of Team UMAC as our coaches this season. I am learning along with the kids this fall, and you will see some different strategies to keep the kids engaged and learning during the games, and with the help of the coaches I think the team will benefit greatly. You have all received a bulletin from the league requiring face masks and I echo that request. Those with missing uniforms, I should have an answer by tomorrow on where we can get them. I look forward to Game 2 tomorrow, if we can be there 15 minutes prior so we can get the game going on time and hopefully wrap up before it gets too chilly.

Thank you all and have a good night. Regards,


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